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The Law Offices of Karen Takach is committed to providing you with top notch legal professionals and services. We approach every client with an emphasis on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. We fight for your rights!  We specialize in providing the same quality legal services that the major large firms do for a fraction of the cost!  Our rates are well within the budget of the average person. Our professional staff members are here to serve you!

 Takach has dedicated her legal career to protecting the rights of tenants, to advocating for the tenants of New York City, and to keeping tenants in their homes.  Throughout the 25 years of her Legal Career, Ms. Takach has successfully represented indigent, elderly and disabled tenants, and recently, working families and individuals who do not qualify for free legal services because of their income, but who also cannot afford to pay the typical high hourly rate for private attorneys.   Ms. Takach has successfully represented clients in other areas of law, including but not limited to Tax, Foreclosures, Consumer Fraud, Identity Theft, Denial of Unemployment Benefits, Human Rights Violations, Wills, Uncontested Divorces,  Public Benefits and most other Civil Litigation.    

Our firm has a policy of bending over backwards to try to accommodate our potential client's financial situation.  Our primary mission is to provide assistance to regular people; not to try to make as much money as possible or to squeeze every penny out of our clients.

Karen Takach graduated from Law School at George Washington University in 1984. Ms. Takach is licensed to practice in both New York State and Connecticut.  Ms. Takach has extensive litigation experience, and has practiced in State Courts ranging from Housing Court, to Civil Court, to NYS Supreme Court, to the Appellate Term, the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals, and in Federal Court (Southern and Eastern Districts of NY, Bankruptcy Court, Tax Court), and has represented clients before various administrative agencies, such as HPD, DHCR, UIB and the Commission on Human Rights.  

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